Special Events

Special events are times for gathering together and having a lot of fun, whether that is a church weekend away, a conference or holiday club. Alison is experienced as a leader at all sorts of children’s activities and special events, such as Church weekends, conferences, holiday clubs, day, weekend or longer events – for the 0-5 and 5-11 age ranges.

Church weekends away, or conferences, are great for spending time together as a church family; deepening relationships and faith. For the children it is great to spend time with their friends, but they need quality activities for them to engage with their faith. Mixing teaching, crafts, games, prayer and worship enables the children to have fun together and explore their faith away from the distractions of everyday life. Alison has led many children’s weekends for a variety of different churches for both the 0-5s and 5-11s age ranges (and sometimes 3-11 and the 7-13 age ranges). In addition, she has led children’s activities for large-scale conferences including Catalyst and Spring Harvest.

Holiday clubs are a great opportunity to have fun with children from your community. The parents love the inexpensive holiday activities; the children enjoy spending time with friends; whilst the church gets to teach the children about our faith in a fun way. Serving the community whilst spreading the gospel – it’s a win-win! Plus your church team builds relationships with the children, the families and each other.