Children 5-11

Church is a family, and children are an important part of family! Children’s ministry involves us in nurturing the children in our church family and reaching out to the children in our community so that they can learn about our family and Jesus, its head.

Children enjoy learning about God and are very open to worship and praise. But children do not enjoy learning by just sitting listening to someone, but then do adults really learn best this way? Children learn best by looking and doing, as well as listening. That means making things, reading the Bible, talking together, playing games and praising God in active ways.

Alison Clark knows that a strong children’s ministry is at the heart of a thriving church and is committed to helping churches to develop this. With many years experience working with children in churches and schools, Alison is keen to help you disciple your children and reach out to the children in your community.

Do you need some training for your team? Or some help to reassess this ministry? Or looking to set up a new group? Get in touch with Alison to see how she can help and support you.